Ayur Bhojanam (Satvik Food)

Sarth Retreat

About Ayur Bhojanam (Satvik Food)

Aahar is one of the Upstambh (Sub-pillar) in ayurveda which supports the three main stambhas i.e Vata,Pitta,Kapha. Proper balanced Ahar consuming in proper manner with essential quantity is beneficial for healing body and mind.

Sarth Ayurveda decides the diet i.e Satwik Aahar according to prakruti of person, which is very important to maintain health of body and mind. We  provide Shadarasatmak ahar which contains all 6 rasas i.e Madhur(Sweet),Amla(Sour),Lavan(Salty),Katu(Pungent),Tikta(Bitteer),Kashay (Astringent). It gives calmness, satisfication, happinesss and mental stability.